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Services of general designer
General Contract

Civil and erection works

  • prefabricated, monolithic, pile foundations;
  • metalwork, including tanks (capital repairs, assembly, disassembly, sandblasting, antirust coating);
  • prefabricated concrete structures;
  • cast reinforced concrete of any complexity;
  • excavation and concrete works;
  • demolition, demounting of buildings and manufacturing equipment;
  • roofing;
  • installation of sewerage (forcemain, free-flow);
  • installation of water supply network.

Special services

Running and maintenance of external sewerage network and water supply system:

  • flushing of pipelines, diameter up to 1200 mm;
  • TV inspection of pipelines;
  • repair of existing pipelines, reservoirs.

Damp proofing of concrete tanks, including underground and subsurface tanks, as well as restoration of the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete.

Materials used

• cement-based special compounds of surface application;

• penetrating compounds;

We possess all the necessary documents for providing these types of services

- Competency Certificate № 0054.02-2011-5261047845-C-194 dated 12.05.2011 for a particular activity or activities that affect the safety of capital construction objects.

- Competency Certificate № 0025.04-2010-5261047845-P-107 dated 24.12.2010 for a particular activity or activities that affect the safety of capital construction objects.

- License № VP-40-002405 (K) dated April 16, 2010 for operating fire and explosion dangerous production facilities.

- License № GS-4-52-02-27-0-5261047845-009899-1 dated September 29, 2008 for construction of buildings and structures of I and II level of responsibility in accordance with state standards.

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