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Soil washing and groundwater cleaning

Soil washing and groundwater cleaning

Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies has developed a groundwater cleaning method to eliminate man-made pollution from a depth exceeding 0,5 m from the soil surface. 

The experience of our specialists and the technical capacity of our company allow us to perform full range of works from the exploration up to the complete elimination of pollution consequences. The implementation of special washing solution makes it possible to perform the cleaning without soil excavation, the method of filtration-proof wall installation up to the waterproff layer allows to ensure the containment of oil pollution and minimize the consequences of the impact on the environment.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Complete cleaning of contaminated soil and groundwater;
  • Possibility of contamination removal up to the depth of 70 metres;
  • Elimination of hydrocarbons at the groundwater level;
  • Stabilization of the migration of the contaminated groundwater;
  • Prevention of oil and oil products seepage into artificial and natural water bodies.

The example of the technology implementation is the prevention of hydrocarbons seepage into the Moscow river along the front of 150 m, by clay sealing method, with the installation of underground biologically active filters to release groundwater. The water pollution source in water protection area has been eliminated, soil and groundwater have been cleaned from hydrocarbon pollutants.


At the final stage, 65 000m3 of oil-contaminated soil have been restored without excavation in water protection area and 200 000m3 on the territory of the operating plant.


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