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Heat exchange equipment cleaning

Heat exchange equipment cleaning

Heat-exchange equipment cleaning system

Nowadays control of sediment formation in the heat-exchange equipment is a burning issue worldwide.

Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies offers an effective solution focused on sediment formation control in heat-exchange and technological process equipment and pipelines.

Comprehensive cleaning solution allows to monitor remotely the state of heat-exchange equipment from all over the world.

Cleaning from mineral sediments (scale) is performed using special preparation “BIODESOL”, developed by the biochemists of NNIAT, LLC. NNIAT own laboratory allows to work out the appropriate preparation formula for highly effective removal of various sediments.

Qualification and vast experience of NNIAT specialists in the field of technological process equipment cleaning allow to apply highly effective individual approach for comprehensive equipment cleaning.

As a result:

  • All kind of mineral sediments (salts, oxides, scale, limescale) are removed;
  • The processed surface is not damaged, including seals, joint connections and welds, metal, plastic, rubber etc.;
  • After processing the preparation leaves a protective film - passivation layer, which prevents formation of new sediments;
  • The preparation does not require special disposal, is biodegradable, non-toxic to the environment.
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