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Heat exchange equipment cleaning

Heat exchange equipment cleaning

Heat-exchange equipment comprehensive cleaning system

Today the control of sedimentation in heat-exchange equipment is a challenging issue worldwide.

Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies offers an efficient solution, focused on the control of sedimentation in heat-exchange and technological process equipment, as well as in pipelines.

Comprehensive solution ensures remote monitoring of the heat-exchange equipment from any part of the world.

Mineral deposits (scale) cleaning is performed with the implementation of “BIODESOL” preparation, developed by NNIAT biochemists. NNIAT laboratory allows to select the appropriate preparation formula for highly effective removal of different types of deposits.

Qualification and vast experience of NNIAT specialists in the field of technological process equipment cleaning ensures highly efficient individual approach to comprehensive cleaning of the equipment.

The result:

  • All kind of mineral deposits (salts, oxides, scale, limescale) are removed;
  • No damage to the treated surface, including metal, plastic, rubber, as well as gaskets, components and welds, etc.;
  • Post-treatment protective film (passivation layer) remains, preventing the accumulation of new sediment;
  • No special disposal for the preparation is required, the preparation is biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment.
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