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Cleaning of two crude oil tanks VST-2000 and VST-5000 of Afipsky Oil Refinery LLC

Under Contract No.3anpz/40/09 dated 02.03.2009 and Contract No.11anpz/40/09 dated 08.04.2009, the specialists of Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies performed the cleaning and preraration for hot works of crude oil tanks VST-5000 (No.14) and VST-2000 (No.12 and No.13) on the territory of Afipsky Oil Refinery LLC.

Work process

According to the measurements, the total volume of sediment in the tanks estimated to 270 m3. Around 100 m3 of residual oil from the pontoon surface and body was pumped out to be used in the technological process.  


Due to the implementation of NNIAT innovative steam nozzles and "know-how" in tank cleaning and sediment separation technology, the specialists of Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies successfully performed the cleaning operations and prepared the tanks for hot works. Approximately 170 m3 of bottom sediment was liquefied, pumped out and transported for disposal. The remaining oil sludge residue was removed manually and handed over for disposal. 

Client review

All bottom sediment organic components were pumped out, all the works under the scope were executed according to high quality standards and within the agreed timeframe. Thus, the technology of removal of solid oil-containing sediment from tanks, developed and implemented by NNIAT LLC, is safe, allows to reduce work performance period and is recommended for wide use, as compared to the technologies previously applied by Afipsky Oil Refinery LLC.


V.V. Osipov — Chief Engineer

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