NNIAT Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies

Development of "Environmental impact assessment" project

Under Contract No.06/14 dated 25.03.2014, NNIAT specialists developed the project of Environmental impact assessment for Filling Station No.218, located at the intersection of Sverdlov prospect and Kombrig Patolichev street, Dzerzhinsk city, Nizhny Novgorod region. 

Work process

The design documentation provides the assessment of the considered facility impact on the condition of atmospheric air, soil, surface and underground waters during the reconstruction activities and further facility operation, as well as gives recommendations on the generated waste management, establishment of maximum permissible air pollutant emission limits, disposal of generated waste water, establishment of sanitary protection area borders. 


Sanitary and epidemioligical examination of the design documentation was performed with the issuance of positive expert conclusion. 

Client review

The project was prepared efficiently, within the schedule and in accordance with environmental, sanitary and epidemiological legislation requirements.

A.G. Emelin — Head of Capital Construction Department

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