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People will not be obliged to install gas metering instrument at their own expense

The possibility of gas metering instruments installation at people’s own expenses was not discussed during the meeting with Vice Prime Dmitry Kozak.

Due to some reasons, including technical ones, the installation of so to say “smart metering instruments” for gas haven’t been discussed by the government. However, the law on installation of such instruments for electricity is at the 2nd reading and if it passes, the installation of instruments will become compulsory from 2021.

The payment for installation will be borne by energy suppliers, and the cost will be equally distributed in the fees, so that the consumers would not feel noticeable difference.

The issue of gas metering instruments installation is narrowed down whether to impose this duty on proprietors to save the energy or install systems when building the houses. The cost of one metering instrument is 5000 rubles, the installation of these instruments in apartment blocks will cost 130 milliard rubles.