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ROSTEC made new agreements with ARGENTINA

Rostec’s subsidiary “United Engine Corporation” make a cooperation agreement for procurement of industrial gas-turbine engines and transfer of repair techniques of the special equipment with one of the largest Argentinian pipeline companies.

Information is given by Rostec.

As far back as June 2018 a high-performance gas-turbine engine was supplied to Argentina, and start-up and commission phase was performed by the specialists of the company. The engine was put in commission successfully. Moreover, there are 4 other engines which are actually functioning at the compressor stations in two cities. Supply of one more engine is expected in 2019.

One more agreement was made for supply of spare parts for the equipment that has been supplied to Argentina, and for overhaul repair of currently functioning engines NK-14ST. Further, the parties are negotiating the next agreement for supply of spare parts for newly supplied engines.

Rostec’s partners from Argentina value highly the equipment manufactured in Russia. Thus, the company strives not only to increase the volume of supplies in the region but also to upgrade after-sale service, expanding the range of services.

The company offers not only the product to its partners but the whole package of services.

Furthermore, apart from its projects on production of engines Rostec also develops machinery and helicopter manufacturing in the Latin America region which is attractive for such activities.