NNIAT Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies


Compliance of labor safety management system to OHSAS 18001 was confirmed to the following activities:

  1. Cleaning tanks for crude oil and oil products storage from oil-containing sediments;
  2. Work performance in the fields of collection, transportation, processing, disposal, neutralization and dumping of 3-4 hazard class wastes.
  3. Types of works, which have influence on the safety of capital construction projects including specific dangerous and technically demanding capital construction projects as well as:
    • Works on engineering survey.
    • Works on project documentation preparation.
    • Works on construction, reconstruction, capital repair.
  4. Activities on the usage of ionization radiation sources.
  5. Activities on hazardous industrial facilities operation.
  6. Works on mounting, technical maintenance and repair of fire safety devices of buildings and facilities.

Production of oil refinery and general industry equipment.