НИПТ Нижегородский институт прикладных технологий

"Периметр 26"

Conformance certification of polyfunctional admixture for concrete and construction solutions “Perimeter 26” was carried out in Moscow Voluntary Certification System “Mosstroysertifikaciya”.

Admixture is related to plastifying class (subclass of super plastifying), water-reduce admixtures and to admixtures regulating hardening kinetics (fasteners of cement concrete and solutions hardening processes).

Admixture is possible to apply to:

  • heavy and light concrete production while constructing all types of monolithic constructions as well as reinforced constructions,
  • industrial flooring production,
  • architectural concretes production.

Admixture application allows:

  • to produce high-strength concrete of high-slump concrete mixtures with relatively low concrete consumption,
  • to get concrete with higher density structure,
  • to increase waterproof characteristics of concrete,
  • to improve concrete mixture transportability by means of cohesion increase without aggregate detachment.