Complex, service reservoirs

Benefits of NNIAT

  1. Technology can be used in tanks containing crude oil, heavy fuel oil, catalytic cracker residue, slop oil, and similar.
  2. Tank cleaning and oil recovery takes place simultaneously avoiding interruption of a production cycle inter alia due to absence of any mechanical impurities
  3. Tank cleaning performed by avoiding of integrity damaging of tanks’ metal construction
  4. Non-man entry – operators do not enter the tank
  5. Steaming and removal of the main part of oil sludge requires for ten times (!) less time expenditures than it usual takes with other systems
  6. The steaming-out of tank sides is combined with simultaneous cleaning process that allows to save an overall steam volumes
  7. With close to 100% recovery of saleable hydrocarbons
  8. Minimum volume of bottom settlings to be utilized
  9. Explosion safety of the system and strict continuous process monitoring
  10. Environmentally-friendly as the process minimizes hydrocarbon emissions, no chemicals used and only oil-free mineral settlings are being utilized
  11. Complete neutralization of pyrophoric compounds inside of oil tanks
  12. No weather or seasonal restrictions • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes