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Oil tanks cleaning

Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies has successfully implemented a new technology of fast disposal of solid oil-containing sludge (SOCS) from oil tanks and residual tanks.


Oil occupies a specific place in the modern world. It plays a huge role in global economy and politics. Oil defines energy and economic strategy of many countries and it will attract the attention of experts and general public for a long time.

Impetuous scientific and technical progress and rapid development of world economy has led to fast increase of consumption of different minerals and oil has a specific role among them.

Oil extraction and oil refining are connected with many engineering and environmental problems.

Accumulation of oil sludge in tanks is one of such problems. Such accumulation leads to impossibility of use of these tanks in a production chain and thus there are expenses for its cleaning, transportation and utilization or expenses for utilized waste disposal.

Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies offers you a new and unique technology of tanks’ cleaning from oil sludge. This technology will help the customers not only to diminish expenses for cleaning, further disposal and utilization but also to gain a significant profit.

Our technology is as follows: the tank is fed with steam. Steam energy is converted while passing through special devices and oil sludge suffers from thermal action.

Steaming of tank walls is done together with washing-out process and it saves expenses for heat energy. Absolute neutralization of pyrophorous compounds is the result of the steaming.

Washing-out system and technology in general is explosion proof.

The sludge is divided into three fractions:

- Oil product;
- Water;
- Mechanical impurities.

As a result we return up to 97% of oil sludge to a production cycle. Instead of expenses for waste utilization customers will gain profit because sometimes there are dozens of oil tons retuned to production.

Evacuated oil product has almost no mechanical impurities. Thus there is no breakdown in process and no wear of pipelines. 

Water from steaming is not dangerous and can be poured into industrial sewage system.

The residual sludge has only small amount of oil product and this facilitates its utilization and gives positive environmental effect. Mechanical impurities (in fact it is a safe soil) shall be mechanically extracted and placed in the landfill or shall be utilized.

There is no need in workers in the tank while removing 90-99% of sludge.

It is possible to conduct cleaning under our company’s technology even in winter. High professional skills of our experts allow cleaning damaged tanks.

Our technology allows making liquid and returning to production up to 97% of organic part of oil product. There is no doubt that this is a net profit for our customers. This profit often significantly exceeds the expenses for tanks cleaning. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes