Information Technology And Security

Information Technology And Security

Security system of “NNIAT”, LLC


for protection of pipelines, facilities, perimeters and boundaries.

In the context of continuing attempts to steal crude oil and petroleum products

by tie-ins to pipelines, it is of particular relevance to implement an automated system of access monitoring to the oil infrastructure facilities, perimeter and borders and, above all, to start of attempts to incise to the pipelines.

Traditional methods for determining the pipeline damage, such as pressure or flow measurement are limited in their sensitivity, accuracy of evaluation and delay in real-time determination of attempts to tie-in.

The owner is forced to deal with circumstances rather than with causes.

In the age of the modern information technology, people should not neglect technical capabilities and security. We offer technical solutions to deal with the causes of damage to your business and your company, the nature and the ecology at the stage of the very start of the attempt to incise, the nature and ecology - the Automated Protection System from accidental or deliberate threats.


As a part of the System “PERIMETER – Z” (ПЕРИМЕТР-Z) we offer:

1 - "RADIOBARRIER" – a quick-to-deploy Perimeter security complex, designed to create hidden, concealed protection lines at the area with no access to utilities, to power supply and located remotely from the centralized control point.

 "RADIOBARRIER" allows to find a walking intruder (or a group of intruders), penetrating the controlled terrain areas.

Intruder alarm is transmitted via digital radio channel to portable receivers (КОПР/KOPR) in the form of Digital Portable radio and operator's console (ПОРТ/ PORT) with the Cartographic system, which may represent a laptop.

Information transmission range via radio channel – up to 50 kilometers. Detection equipment have its own power supply for autonomous work for 5 years without replacement. The complex can include sensors and detectors based on different physical principles of action (vibroacoustic, seismic, pull release type, radio - ray, magnetometric, triboelectric, vibro electric, optoelectronic, passive infrared sensors).

The perimeter security complex "RADIOBARRIER" can solve the following issues:

- Protection of the perimeter of high-security objects (petroleum, chemical and nuclear enterprises, mines, borders, as well as plants and private enterprises).

- Protection of potentially hazardous places at the approaches to the high-security objects.

- Protection of the perimeter of industrial objects with no barriers.

-  Control of tie-ins to oil and oil product pipelines.

- Control over the covered approaches to settlements, objects and buildings.

- Control over the approaches to bridges and tunnels on highways and railway roads.


Control over the approaches to checkpoints, ambush, observation post, etc.

- Control of borders and extended lowland areas.

(1) - The "RADIOBARRIER" complex construction is based on:

Multiple-purpose radio alerter РС-У (RS-U), operating as multitask seismic and pull release type detection equipment, as control unit for external devices and as a relay station. The radio alerter has small size, the working temperature varies from -40 to +50 ° C. Weight 1 kg. Each RS-U contains micro-consuming processor, producing the useful signal, which is typical for human steps on the level of seismic noise and it is technically possible to connect additional sensors of different purpose depending on the task.

 In order to provide maximum secrecy, RS-U is buried in the soil to a depth of 2 0. . . 3 0 cm. Meanwhile, the view of the upper layer of the soil is maximally preserved. There is only antenna as a thin nearly invisibly wire that is left on the surface.

The diameter of the seismic detection zone is up to 200 meters in case if there is a moderate seismic noise and the distance from the railways and city limits is no less than 1 km. If you need to provide complete and continuous approaches control, you need to place from8 to 16 RS-U alerters per km. If you are using only area sensors to determine attempts to tie-in to the oil pipelines, RS-U alerters can be placed each 1,0 – 1,2 km depending on wall thickness and type of the pipes controlled. All RS-U alerters have a shared radio network (carrier frequency 433,2-434,6 MHz) and in case of an attempt to block remote transmission of an alarm, RS-U alerter transmits a signal through each other like a transitional device.

It is impossible to access undetected to RS-U unit, to search for RS-U secretly and to try to disable the sensors and RS-U itself.

Armed security task force is given the initial advantage as extra time and the possibility to detect the exact place of the infringement for timely relocation to the place of the intruders' detention or prevention of their intentions.

At the same time, in order to react immediately, security service can forward an unmanned aerial vehicle to the place of perimeter intrusion for air survey, visual confirmation of the intrusion and for making decision by the management.

We can provide and implement various options for using the technical capabilities of “Perimeter-Z” system depending on the specifics of the tasks, time of the year and day, weather conditions, terrain particularities, soil type and any other factors and tasks set by the Client.


“Perimeter-Z” system also contains:

(2) – Magnetometric radio alerter RS-M (РС-М) which can detect movement of objects, containing ferro magnetic materials. It is installed on the ground as a second line of detection.

Detection range of the AK-74 – no less than 4 meters, vehicle - no less than 20 meters. Time battery life – no less than 6 months.

(3) – Video camera RS-TV (РС-ТВ) which is able to transmit high-quality real-time video image (25 shots) via the radio channel and powered by rechargeable batteries. Highly-sensitive camera is equipped with infrared illumination which can detect camouflaged person's motion against vegetation in any time of the day or night at a distance up to 100 m. The camera is turned by an alarm signal of any detection equipment or operator's command. Term of battery life – no less than 6 months.

(4) – Mobile       portable television receiver ПТВ (PTV) for video information receiving when video surveillance subsystem is installed and adjusted, when you work in field conditions, when it is not possible to deploy operator's console ПОРТ (PORT). For example, when you arrange special activities or control surveillance objects (paths, tie-ins etc.), as well as when you are carrying out ambush and surveillance operations.

(5) – Portable receiver КОПР (KOPR) for receiving and reflection of alarm signals from detection devices, for control over their status and search and for radio network supervision and management. It is equipped with an electronic compass and a GPS-receiver, it allows to receive and send short text messages inside radio network.

(6) – Operator's console ПОРТ (PORT) with software “Cartographic system” is a portable (Laptop) or desktop computer with «Windows» operating system and a specific software “Cartographic system”. As an operator's console you can use your current computer.

“Cartographic system”. As an operator's console you can use your current computer. “Cartographic system” software graphically displays location and condition of sensors and other elements of the network on electronic map or location map, and it allows to manage the radio network.

(7) – Searching device ПУ (PU) for simplifying search of installed radio indicators in the locality if their coordinates are lost or cannot be received with necessary accuracy.

(8) – TV - retransmitter ТВ-Р (TV-R) for increasing remoteness of video information transmission. It is mounted secretly and allows to transmit 2 channels of video information in sequence. It is powered from rechargeable batteries. Distance of receiving-transmitting of a video signal is up to 5 km.

(9) – Infrared radio alerter РС-ИК  (RS-IK) for detection of an intruder with the help of infrared contrast against the environment. The detection distance is no less than 30 m. Operation time from power-supply source is no less than 1 year.

(10) – TV radio alerter РС-ТП  (RS-TP) for detection of an intruder with the help of infrared contrast and formation of thermal image of the supervised terrains.  The detection distance is no less than 200 m.  The viewing angle is  23,0°. The term of autonomous operation is no less than 6 months.

(11) – Radio ray radio alerter РС-Л (RS-L) for detection a walking intruder or a vehicle with the help of change of electromagnetic field, which forms between a receiver and a transmitter on the distances up to 100 meters.  The ellipse height of the detection area ray is 1.6 m, the width is up to 3 m.  Operation time from power-supply source is no less than 1 year.

(12) – Radio ray radio alerter PRIZMA, RADON, dHant, RADIY for control over open areas and plots located close to the fences with the help of electomagnetic field change, which is formed between a receiver and a transmitter on the distances from 100 to 500 meters. Adjusted sizes of the ellipse of detection area ray varies from 2 to 4 meters. Operation time from power-supply source is no less than 1 year.

(13) – Vibroacoustic sensors ВД-Z  (VD-Z), produced on the basis of piezoceramic converter (bimorth ceramics)  are installed with the help of  built – in magnet on the pipeline surface (without change of its operating parameters). Sensors react to mechanical impact on pipelines, welding and drilling of the pipelines on the distance up to 300 m from installation place in 2 directions. The width of supervised area of two ВД-Z (VD-Z) connected with one RS-U is 1,0 – 1,2 km. The process is based on continuous monitoring by sensors of parameters of acoustic background of pipeline shell, extraction of technological and ambient noises and signals identification, when there are mechanical impacts on pipelines.

(14) – Vibroelectric and triboelectric elements GURZA, GROZA, MURENA work on the basis of charges change in cable sensing element, buried in the soil along the protected border or installed directly on the fence.  They help to avoid intrusion by means of undermining or climbing over the fence as the integrity of the sensing element is damaged. The width of supervised plot is up to 1 km.  Operation time from power-supply source is no less than 1 year.

(15) – IP video surveillance based on software “МАКРОСКОП” (“MACROSCOP”) of any scale, from one to unlimited number of video cameras with the possibility to detect the objects left, people and to have on-line search and “wiretap” of objects, tracking (remote notification) with the Application for  online video surveillance and work in the archive for  all kinds of portable devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) 

(16) - AMCS (access monitoring and control system) “СФИНКС (”SFINKS”) – control and access management to the territory and to the premises based on IP-controllers and software “SFINKS” of any scales with the possibility to adjust levels and access procedure of the staff and vehicles using all the kinds of identification (Mifare cards, smartphones with NFC, biometric readers, number plates, GSM number, barcodes) and actuating mechanisms (doors, auto barriers, turnstiles, lifts, entry phones, alcohol detectors, all kinds of locking systems). It provides full integration with security and fire alarm systems and video surveillance. Remote notification with the Application for all kinds of portable devices (smartphones, tablets etc.).


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