Closed cycle of oil-containing waste treatment

NNIAT LLC developed and actively uses one of the most progressive methods of processing of oil - contaninated waste, sludge and contaminated soils with the return of the carbohydrate portion to the Customer. Cleaning cycle includes preparation of sludge, separation of the hydrocarbon and the elimination of hydrocarbon components from the remaining cake with microbiological method.


- As a result oil sludge is utilized fully

- The negative effects of environmental impact are eliminated

- The hydrocarbon part of the oil sludge can be returned to the Customer

- The technology compliance with environmental standards

- Depending on the quality characteristics of sludge we choose a unique way of processing

- Mobility of the technology provides high speed and efficiency of performed work

- The possibility of using the technology does not depend on the weather and climate conditions • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes