Letter of appreciation from AO “GAZPROM NEFT – MNPZ”

NNIAT, LLC received a letter of appreciation from the General Director of AO Moscow Oil Refinery” (AO Gazprom neft – MNPZ) addressed to the Director of the Moscow branch of our company. In the letter, Arkadiy Egiazaryan expresses his gratitude regarding strong contribution and assistance in addressing problems of refinery’s infrastructure as well as regarding a high standard of professionalism and reliability. NNIAT LLC, in the name of the General Director Vladimir Noarov conveys his genuine thanks for the positive evaluation and looks forward to further cooperation.

Conducting negotiations on possible cooperation in the state of Brunei Darussalam

April 19, 2017, Russian business representatives visited Brunei Darussalam. The visit program included meeting with Permanent Secretary (Energy) of Brunei Darussalam, Dato Paduka Haji Jamain Haji Julaihi, with the participation of the Russian Ambassador to Brunei, Vladlen Semivolos.  Within the current meeting, the possibilities of implementing joint environmental projects in the oil and gas sector of Brunei were actively discussed. Ruslan Tokaev, a member of the NNIAT BOD (board of directors), attended the meeting on behalf of Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies.

The meeting participants with Permanent Secretary (Energy) of Brunei Darussalam, Dato Paduka Haji Jamain Haji Julaihi and the Russian Ambassador to Brunei Vladlen Semivolos.

Conducted stage of a special assessment of working conditions, a revised assessment of the workplaces of the project department. 18 workplaces are estimated; All workplaces are assigned to 2 classes of labor conditions (permissible).

Within the program of constant modernization and optimization of information structure of the Company the results on the project on full automatization based on domestically produced satellite positioning system “GLONASS” were resumed to the following fields of the Company’s activities:

  • logistics chains management,
  • transport flow management,
  • journey management.

M.Erkenov, the head of IT department, gave a speech and made a presentation on project implementation results. Realization of the project was considered

IT department received a task to provide suggestions on further modernization and optimization of information structure of the Company.

21.01.2016 BOD (Board of Directors) summed up results of activities in environmental protection over 2015.

Environmentally and ecologically significant projects for major companies in oil-and-gas industry were performed with high quality.

Operation of HSE management system of the company complies with requirements of environmental legislation, international and national standards.

Ecologically significant accidents were not registeredin 2015.

Participation of the company's management in the summit of the leaders of oil and gas industry of Russia and CIS countries in Dubai, UAE 2016

The management team of LLC "Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies" visited the Summit of the leaders of the oil and gas industry of Russia and CIS countries, which was held on February 17 - 18, 2016 in Dubai (UAE).

In accordance with the Russian Federation regulation on licensing of particular types of activities, Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies, LLC, received the license N 077 085 dated February 15, 2016 for work performance in the fields of collection, transportation, processing, disposal, neutralization of 3-4 hazard class wastes.

Within International labor safety day celebration, briefings with production staff on security provision issues were held.

Conformation certification of polyfunctional admixture for concrete and construction solutions “Perimetr 35” was carried out in Moscow Voluntary Certification System “Mosstroysertifikaciya”.

Admixture application allows:

  • to produce high-strength concrete of high-slump concrete mixtures with relatively low concrete consumption,
  • to get concrete with higher density structure,
  • to increase waterproof characteristics of concrete,
  • to improve concrete mixture transportability by means of cohesion increase without aggregate detachment.

Branch office of Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies in Kislovodsk, which won the tender on new power center of electrical substation PS 35/10 Lenta (HV line 35, 10 kW) construction, is carrying out works on the site.

Power supply of Lenta substation is performed by a tap from HV line of 35 kW located at the short distance from the substation. A newly constructed tap from HV line 10 kV F-103 of substation “Inozemtsevo-2” is being used as a backup powering station (technological connection agreement entails the second category of power supply).

New modern equipment was used for substation PS 35/10 kW construction, such as vacuum auto recloser 35 kW and unit OPU/ZRU-10 kW, which is a prefabricated block-modular building completed with substation integration module KRU-10 kW with vacuum switchers, telemechanic and connection equipment, relay protection and automatic produced on the basis of micro processing protection.

Last year, within the framework of the technological connection agreement of new mall’s power supply design, estimate documentation for substation 35/10 kW construction with power transformer 6,3 MVA installation was elaborated.

Since work start in September of the last year and for the moment, construction has been fully completed, erection of 1.7 km total length of aerial lines 10 kW and installation works have been finished. Currently commissioning activities, preparation works for improvement of substation site and access road are in progress.

New facility will not only supply power to “Lenta-44” trade center but also increase security energy supply to nearby settlements such as Borodynovka.

Facility completion deadline is scheduled to the end of April 2016.

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